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What's behind a bottle of Cantina Maculan wine?

Or better said, who is behind it? We are a big family, with different characteristics and our own roles, but each one essential to achieve the quality that has always distinguished us. This is us, our ‘extended family’, those who work every day to produce the wine you pick for your special moments. We want to make you feel at home and welcome you among us!

Fausto: the founder, the cornerstone

“I have worked with grapes and vines since I was a child, starting at the age of 14 in my grandfather’s cellar and fell in love with this world. In 1973, I made my first harvest as a winemaker and have not stopped since. I have been retired for some time now, but I still supervise every department and if there is need, I’d love to help them out.

Maculan is my mission, I’ve never worked in any other place and I don’t even imagine myself doing so. I like being in contact with people and creating wine, taking care of all the passages After all, it’s what I do best.”

Angela: the smile

“I grew up in the winery, but since 1997 I have been travelling around Italy and the world to represent the company and our wines. Today I am the export Manager and I am proud to make my family and our wines known all over the world. Maculan for me is roots and flight tickets.

In our wines I see my family and our history, but also the journeys, the new places discovered and the new people met. The memory I cherish the most is the joy of our customers when they taste Maculan wines, I remember them all, from the first trip to the USA with dad to the last plane we took.”

Maria Vittoria: the glance

“I have been officially working in the company since 2007: the winery has always been my second home: I used to play in the tanks and do my homework in the office. Today I supervise the winery at 360 degrees: from production to the vineyards, from the cellar to the suppliers, to coordinating the employees. Maculan for me is both duty and pleasure: ever since I was a child, I imagined myself doing daddy’s work. I am lucky enough to do what I like, but I ask myself and the entire Maculan staff for care and attention, because every harvest is different and the tasks are the same, but at the same time new.

It is difficult to choose the most beautiful memory, perhaps those linked to childhood, when working was a game, like when I hosted my first guided tour for my classmates.”

Raimondo: the friendly innkeeper lent to the vineyard

“I have been lucky enough to work in the Maculan vineyards for 20 years, I have seen many vintages and learned much of what I know from the stories and anecdotes told by Fausto.
Maculan for me means joy because I can be in contact with nature every day, and I can exchange views and share opinions with people I admire.”

Stefano: the artist

“For 17 years I have been taking care of the vineyards and the Maculan estate, and in particular I follow all the practical aspects: from pruning the vines and olive trees, to mowing the grass with a brush cutter, from the grape harvest and olive picking, to the maintenance of the vineyards in general.

Working at Maculan means doing a new job every day, because in the morning I don’t know what will happen in the vineyard, trying to do my best every day.”

Alberto: the resourceful one

“I started working at Maculan 18 years ago and every day since then I do what I love: taking care of the vineyard and its fruits.

Working at Maculan for me means waiting with trepidation to find out what the result of the last harvest will be like, to see the efforts made throughout the season being rewarded.”

Mario: the boss

“I have been working in these cellars for 33 years, and for 15 years I have been the cellar manager. It is a complex role because I have to keep everything under control: from the vineyards to the bottles that you uncork during your special moments.

Working at Maculan means being proud of the continuous search for quality and the results achieved.”

Matteo: the right-hand man

“I am Mario’s right-hand man, I take care of the various cellar operations, such as racking, filtration and bottling.

Working at Maculan for me means the satisfaction of seeing a wine come to life, from the the vineyard to the harvest, while respecting the cycle of the seasons.”

Enrico: the multi-tasker

“I have been working at Maculan for 18 years and I have always been involved in every step: from the warehouse to bottling, from working in the vineyard to winemaking during harvest time.

Working at Maculan means working with dedication to satisfy our customers, like during the days of Vinitaly.”

Simone: the enthusiast

“Despite 22 years of work at Maculan, it is still difficult for me to say what I do on a daily basis because it all depends on the time of year: in the summer, I am a full-time tractor driver, in the winter I do both vineyard work and cellar work, but I also attend Vinitaly and take care of the fermentation process.
Working at Maculan means commitment and perseverance, always striving to improve and achieve excellent results both for the company and personally.”

Alberto: the precise one

“I have been working at Maculan for 26 years, following the entire winery supply chain, from pruning to treatments, bottling and deliveries.

Working at Maculan means always learning new things together with my longtime colleagues, who have now become dear friends.”

Luisa: historical memory

“I have been a part of the Maculan family for 32 years, and I have witnessed the growth of both the company and the family. I take care of accounting and secretarial tasks, but I also handle private clients. However, I take care of provide immediate answers to the needs of Mr. Fausto.
Working in Maculan means a lot to me: commitment, responsibility, happiness, sharing, and sometimes even frustration and worries. But it also brings me a lot of satisfaction.”

Marta: the welcoming one

“I primarily handle retail sales and shipment management in the world of Maculan.

Working at Maculan for me means meeting curious people who’d like to know the company and when they come back it’s always nice to talk about our journey who brought us where we are today.”

Giacomo: the peaceful

“I am one of the newest members of the Maculan family. For almost two years, I have been taking care of the vineyards and olive groves, overseeing all activities according to the time of year. Although driving agricultural vehicles is what I enjoy the most, it is the realization of one of my childhood dreams.
Working at Maculan means being part of a team. Even though I have recently joined, I have been able to cultivate good friendships since the first harvest.”