As a pairing we suggest fois gras, but also is a perfect occasion when shaerd with a loved one in front of the fireplace – the perfect meditation wine!

occhio-maculanColor: brillant deep antique gold

naso-maculanOn the nose: great, intense and spicy bouquet of honey, dry fruit, raisins and minerally flint

bocca-maculanIn the mouth: sweet yet elegant, this wine is fullbodied, elegant and sumptuous. Very long and satisfying finish: an exciting experience!

Grape varieties: 100% Vespaiola

Location of the vineyard: Breganze hills Exposure and type of land: volcanic and tuffaceous hills Vine layout: painstaking manual selections of stalks with undeveloped Botritis cinerea (noble rot) Aging: for two years in new barriques, in bottles for one year